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City of Guyra

Guyra Shire is located at the top of the Northern Tablelands in the New England region of New South Wales, approximately half way between Sydney and Brisbane. Guyra has a population of 2,200, and is a community dependent on the fortunes of agriculture. It produces fine wool, cattle and prime lambs, and also has a small potato industry.

The view over the greenhouses at Guyra

For some time Guyra was home to a large regional abattoir that employed up to 350 staff. In 1995 the rationalisation of the meat processing industry forced the abattoir to close, causing a downturn in employment and real estate values.

Since 2004, Guyra’s economy has experienced a resurgence after it was identified by the Costa Group as the perfect site for a tomato growing glasshouse complex because of its high light levels and temperatures that rarely exceed 30°C in summer. This type of weather combination is rarely seen anywhere else in the world.

The Blush glasshouses have injected a new lease on life into the town of Guyra. They have created over 200 jobs, including roles for many long-term unemployed residents, and will continue to provide more employment as the glasshouse business expands.

About Guyra

Guyra and the Northern Tablelands is a region blessed with an amazing assortment of nature’s gifts, as well as attractions and experiences to suit all tastes and ages. Unlike much of the rest of Australia, Guyra has highly distinctive seasons including golden autumns, strong summers and breathtaking springs.

A trip to the Tablelands offers access to a magnificent and diverse network of national parks and nature reserves, which includes the World Heritage listed Gibraltar Range and Washpool National Parks. Guyra and the surrounding tablelands also offer the very best in bushwalking, birdwatching, arts and cultural festivals.

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How Blush has helped the Guyra community. Article from the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

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