Blush Fact:

“A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins” – Lauire Colwin.

Glasshouse Future

Blush announce the third stage of development for Guyra glasshouses is complete

The expansion of the Blush glasshouses consolidates our position as the largest glasshouse tomato producer in Australia. It also guarantees the year-round supply of the famously great tasting vine ripened Blush truss tomatoes, meaning consumers can be confident of a consistent supply of our tomatoes during any season.

Glasshouse Stage 2

The decision to further expand the glasshouse so soon after its launch was based on the amount of positive feedback we received from the general public regarding our tomatoes and the resultant continual unsatiated demand. The unique Guyra location is one of the few sites in the world conducive to year-round tomato growing. This is due to our very high levels of winter sunlight, which tomato plants adore, and our cool summers, which means we do not need to install expensive cooling facilities in order to combat Australia’s traditionally prohibitive hot summers.

Our glasshouses will continue producing great tasting tomatoes using the latest technology to harness both the sunlight and moderate temperatures. Our tomatoes will continue to be fed with a combination of fresh mountain spring water and rainfall that we will harvest from the glasshouse roof surface and also our fertigation runoff, which will be captured and reused. Our focus upon sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices, such as efficient water management and the use of natural predators to control pests, will continue with our move into year-round production to satisfy the increasingly discerning Australian tomato consumer.

The people of Guyra and its government representatives have thrown their support behind the project, where the company has had a major impact on the town’s economic revival. Unemployment has plummeted and investment in new buildings has doubled since the company business started operations in May 2005. The new development will provide employment for between 50 and 60 employees, and most of these positions will be full-time and filled by Guyra locals. The number of employees who work the “mother shift” – parents working from 8.30am to 3.00pm – will also be expanded.