Blush Fact:

Tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene, and numerous studies have confirmed that people who consume increased amounts of tomato products experience marked reductions in cancer risk.

About Us

Blush premium truss tomatoes are grown in Australia’s largest and most advanced glasshouse facilities located in the New South Wales town of Guyra, high in the Northern Tablelands. Our 20 hectares of Blush glasshouses are perfectly situated to harness the best growing conditions nature can offer thanks to the unique Guyra climate, which is perfect for growing flavoursome tomatoes. Making the most of this unique location, we currently produce more than 11 million kilograms of premium truss tomatoes per annum and therefore can deliver year-round consistency in terms of quality, taste and availability.

Our tomato plants are nurtured under the care of a specialised growing team headed with the singular intent of growing tomatoes for taste. Our tomatoes are harvested ripe on the vine and then packed and shipped throughout Australia. They are often available in major retailers and specialised independent grocers within 24 hours of harvest, thus providing tomato lovers everywhere with fresh, full-flavoured and vine-ripened tomatoes.

Blush tomatoes hanging in rows in the greenhouse

Our unique location, our passionate growers and our state-of-the-art glasshouses all combine to enable us to supply Australian consumers with our exclusively grown Blush truss tomatoes 365 days of the year. TomatoExchange has created one of the largest agricultural advancements the industry has seen for some time and has also created a major boost for the local area, generating additional local employment — something very much welcomed in an area previously known for sheep and cattle grazing and potato farming.

Blush is the flagship brand of the TomatoExchange, a family owned business within the CostaExchange, representing more than a hundred years and three generations of experience in the local fruit and vegetable industry.

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